James T. Edmondson / Type & Lettering


Inspired by some lettering on a laundromat window in San Francisco’s Mission District, I set out to create Lavanderia, a casual script with some formal beauty. To stray away from the traditional “wedding invitation” style of script, I altered three fundamental traits: the slant, the x-height, and the width of the letters. By creating a typeface on only a slight slant, with a high x-height, and slightly condensed, the casual feeling of sign-painter lettering was achieved. Then by complementing the lowercase with a set of lavish caps, more formal elegance was brought to the set. OpenType was utilized to optionally add swashes, alter certain character, and take the capitals down to a more modest size and shape.

Lavanderia’s opentype features have proven to be a challenge to some users, so I put together a short overview about opentype in Adobe CS applications.

Three weights. Delicate, Regular, and Sturdy. 291 glyphs.

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You can type in here. ↑ But not in these down here ↓


Lavanderia features an alternate set of less fancy capitals.


Showing the alternates on b, f, h, k, and l.


Swashes are available for d, g, j, l, m, n, p, t, and y.


Character Set